It’s often not enough to take an application or CV at face value. We undertake a thorough and comprehensive background check to put you in the best possible position when you make a hiring decision.Brightlist Global in providing businesses with in-depth, impartial information on a candidate’s background and qualifications, with packages from entry-level solutions to Executive Screening. All of our screening services are performed following tried and tested processes, and everything we do is subject to numerous quality controls.

That means that every piece of information we provide is completely accurate, allowing you to make smart recruitment decisions with confidence. Employee Solutions: Education checks | Employment check | Resume check | Database check | Criminal Record check vendor Solutions: Franchise screening | Vendor screening | Retail Outlet screening | Big Partner screening.Executive Package: This package is specially designed to screen executive-level positions for any organization to make sure the ones hired to take key decisions for the organization are with the best credentials in the market.