How Background Screening works?

Most of the employers initiate a thorough background check on their potential employees. It comes as no surprise that a basic check would have already been done at the time of the interview. (i.e, your digital footprint/social networks)It costs a bomb to verify each candidate. But then, it’s also basic hygiene.Leading companies use external BV agencies to do the job. Usually, BV companies send scanned copies of your documents to your previous organizations, banks, and educational institutions to verify the credentials.

They also send an email to the concerned HR or call them to get information such as the date of joining, leaving, conduct, last drawn salary, the position held, reporting authority, and many such details, which they garner from your docs. Agencies have access to centralized databases and also deploy field executives for physical verification. However, the verification process is not only costly but cumbersome as well.

There is no single platform for non-IT/ITES companies where details of fraudulent candidates and recruiters can be found. Also, there is a lack of centralized repository of information, defined processes and procedures to conduct checks at educational institutes, police stations or courts.